How to Find Crypto Wallet Address?

In today’s digital world, users are seeking innovative ways to manage their cryptocurrencies, and digital wallets have emerged as an innovative alternative to cash and bank cards. These digital wallets enable users to receive and send their digital tokens and coins.

But where is the public address of the digital wallet written, and how can it be shared with others?🤔 In this article, we will explore how to find crypto wallet address so that each person can make the most of this important technology in the best possible way. Stay with us🔎.

What is my Wallet Address?

A wallet address in the realm of cryptocurrencies refers to a unique identifier for your cryptocurrencies in your digital currency wallet. This address is similar to your account number, through which assets are sent and received on the blockchain network.

The address is a string of alphanumeric characters, usually a long sequence, and is different for each digital currency wallet. This address is utilized for executing transactions, confirming ownership, and ensuring secure transfers in the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies.

The complexity and uniqueness of these addresses are crucial for blockchain security. These addresses are created using encryption algorithms, making it practically impossible to break them.

Furthermore, wallet addresses vary according to the cryptocurrency network. For example, the wallet address for Bitcoin is different from that of Ethereum due to the distinct protocols governing each blockchain.

A Bitcoin wallet address often starts with the number 1 or 3 or the letters “bc” and consists of 34 alphanumeric characters. Now, if we look for an Ethereum (ETH) wallet address, it typically begins with the letters “0x” and is primarily composed of 42 alphanumeric characters.

how to find my wallet address?

Locating the wallet address for cryptocurrencies in various wallet types is nearly the same, whether in the form of a QR code or copyable text. Finding a crypto wallet address is easily done. Below, we have explained how to find crypto wallet address in some of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Step 1: Access the Wallet Application

The first step to finding your wallet address is to log into the application associated with your cryptocurrency wallet. This application could be installed on your smartphone or be an online platform.

  • Step 2: Click on Request or Receive

In the wallet application, look for options related to “Request” or “Receive.” This option is typically found in different sections of the application and will assist you in creating a payment or receipt request.

  • Step 3: Receive the Wallet Address

By clicking on the Request or Receive option, the platform will display your digital wallet address. This address is usually a unique string of alphanumeric characters used for receiving transactions and sending cryptocurrencies.

Where is the Trust Wallet Address?

  • Download the Trust Wallet software.
  • Create an account and note the recovery phrase.
  • On the main page, click on your desired coin or select “Receive.”
Trust Wallet Address-1
Trust Wallet Mobile App
  • Select your asset, the cryptocurrency for which you want to find the address.
Trust Wallet Address-2
Trust Wallet Mobile App
  • This is the address that your public wallet is at. To copy it to your clipboard, tap it.
Trust Wallet Address-2
Trust Wallet Mobile App

Where is the Coinomi Wallet Address?

  • Open the Coinomi Wallet app.
  • Create an account and note the recovery phrase.
  • Add your asset, the cryptocurrency for which you want to find the address.
  • Click on “Receive,” and the Coinomi Wallet will display the wallet address for the selected cryptocurrency.

Where is the Atomic Wallet Address?

  • Open the Atomic Wallet app.
  • Create an account and note the recovery phrase.
  • Select your asset, the cryptocurrency for which you want to find the address.
Atomic Wallet Address-1
Atomic Wallet Desktop Version
  • Click on “Receive,” and the Atomic Wallet will show you the wallet address for the selected cryptocurrency.
Atomic Wallet Address-2
Atomic Wallet Desktop Version
  • Your public wallet address is indicated here. To copy it to your clipboard, tap it.
Atomic Wallet Address-3
Atomic Wallet Desktop Version

Where is the Metamask Wallet Address?

  • Install the Metamask extension.
  • Create an account and note the recovery phrase.
  • Go to the wallet’s main page.
Metamask Wallet Address-1
Metamask Wallet Web Extension
  • At first, choose which network you need to use for transferring or receiving your cryptocurrencies.
Metamask Wallet Address-2
Metamask Wallet Web Extension
  • Then click on the ‘Receive’ button to view your wallet’s public address, and to copy it, click on it.
Metamask Wallet Address-3
Metamask Wallet Web Extension

Where is the coinbase wallet Address?

  • Open the Coinbase Wallet app.
  • Create an account and note the recovery phrase.
  • Open the wallet’s main page and click on the ‘Receive’ option.
coinbase wallet Address-1
coinbase wallet mobile app
  • Click on your desired cryptocurrency to access its address, or choose the copy option to copy it to your clipboard.
coinbase wallet Address-2
coinbase wallet mobile app
  • If your preferred cryptocurrency is not found in the list, you can easily locate it by entering relevant information about your cryptocurrency in the search section.


Cryptocurrency wallets and addresses are the cornerstones of managing digital assets and transactions within blockchain networks. These addresses facilitate secure and transparent exchanges of cryptocurrencies worldwide. One of the most crucial aspects of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies is the irreversibility of the process; if you enter the wallet address incorrectly, your digital assets may be lost forever and cannot be refunded. Cryptocurrency wallets typically record invalid addresses in case of typing mistakes. However, if the address belongs to another user, there is no way to cancel or refund the transaction. Therefore, ensuring the correct sharing of the wallet address is of utmost importance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we find the wallet address on Android and iOS?

First enter your crypto wallet. Then select the “Receive” option and go to your desired cryptocurrency code. In the next step, your unique QR code along with the wallet address will be displayed. Now select the “Copy” option to place the necessary information on your clipboard.”

Is the wallet address the same as the public key?

Yes, the public key is the same as the wallet address. However, a public key can be derived from the wallet address.

Does the wallet address change?

Yes, the wallet address can be managed under various conditions to preserve privacy or security. Some wallets (usually hardware wallets) possess this feature.

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