How to Start Trading Without Money?

Until today, many individuals seeking to initiate trading and investment in the cryptocurrency market have encountered a significant challenge: insufficient capital or even a lack of access to capital to commence their activities. The primary question some of these individuals have is how they can engage in trading without money? and whether there is a way to attract initial capital to start their operations?

Yes, investing and trading without money is not entirely impossible, and there are ways to conduct activities without having even a dollar. You might be surprised, but in this article, Crypto Hovel explain how to start trading without money or with a very small amount. We also point out all the ways you can secure initial capital to kickstart your activities.

The most important point to mention is that these solutions not only assist you in initiating your trading activities but also enable you to generate income. However, do not expect immediate wealth. Your ultimate success requires the preservation and utilization of this capital in the long term.

Is It Possible to Trade Without Capital?

Is It Possible To Trade Without Capital

You may believe that entering the world of cryptocurrency trading requires a significant amount of money. However, it should be noted that this perspective can be contrary to reality in some cases. Although it has always been emphasized that you can start trading in the world of cryptocurrencies with minimal money, there are also conditions under which you can engage in trading without personal capital or with a small amount of it. In most cases, a small fee may be required, but this amount is usually negligible compared to the profits gained.

So, if you think you have sufficient skills in trading or buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and your only problem is insufficient initial capital, read this article carefully and follow the suggested methods in proportion to your path. Remember that earning income does not necessarily lead to wealth accumulation, and only individuals with the ability to preserve their capital and increase savings in investment will have the potential to increase their wealth.

ways of Trading Without Money or With Minimal Money

Considering that the idea of trading without money or with minimal money has crossed your mind, it is advisable to explore the ways or methods of accomplishing it and examine them to some extent. Although some of these methods, such as receiving bonuses, do not require a specific skill, others necessitate a reasonable level of knowledge and capability to lead to profitability. It is better to carefully study each one and choose the most suitable method for you.

Bonus Brokers or Exchanges

Bonuses brokers and various exchanges are among the earliest and most popular ways of trading without an initial capital. The term “bonus” can be interpreted as a “reward” or “prize,” and indeed, it is a type of reward granted to users by exchanges.

To motivate traders, some exchanges will donate a certain amount of initial capital to traders upon registration of activities on their platform. These active platforms in financial markets can be for forex or cryptocurrency.

The presentation of bonuses or gift money to participants may take various forms. This money may be given in exchange for depositing a certain amount of initial assets, and it may not even require any money deposit.

With this method, you can acquire the necessary money for trading through the received bonuses without having any initial capital.

Exchange bonuses come in various forms, including:

  • Registration Bonus in Exchanges: In some exchanges, upon registering on their platform, you have the opportunity to receive some free currency as part of attracting new customers. This registration bonus can work in two ways. The first scenario involves the deposit of a certain amount of currency into your account as soon as your user account is opened. The second scenario is that, after conducting the first transaction on the platform, a certain amount of currency is transferred to your account.
  • Activity in Exchange Programs: Sometimes, exchanges offer bonuses to users to promote their services. These bonuses are usually provided in the form of specific activities. For example, Coinbase, an exchange, provides its users with digital currency through Coinbase Earn. This bonus is offered to users upon completing simple activities such as watching videos about different cryptocurrencies or participating in tests and competitions.
  • Referral Bonus or Invitation: This type of reward may be seen in many systems. The platform provides you with a unique link. Anyone who joins the platform through this link entitles you to a reward. Alternatively, a percentage of their transaction fees may be sent to you as a reward.

It is advisable to read how this capital accrues to you before starting activities on these platforms. Therefore, carefully read the explanations of the relevant site before any action or commencement of trading on these platforms.

Copy Trading

Copy trading is one of the methods of generating income from cryptocurrency that can reduce the risk of trading. As the name suggests, this method allows you to directly replicate the trading positions, methods, and strategies of professional traders. Copy trading, especially for those who are newcomers to the crypto world and are looking for a way to start trading with minimal money, is a suitable choice.

The advantage of copy trading is that you derive patterns from someone with proven knowledge and skills. This ensures that their transactions are based on analyses and calculated decisions. Consequently, you can increase your available capital and have good profitability. However, it is important to note that this profitability is not absolute, as even the most experienced traders may succumb to unexpected market fluctuations and incur losses.

To engage in copy trading, you must first examine the long-term performance of the individual whose trading positions you intend to copy. After conducting a personal analysis and aligning with your own perspective, enter Copy Trading. Pay attention to all details, including leverage, volume, time frame, and the initial asset used in each transaction.

In platforms that provide copy trading, usually, the Profit and Loss (PNL) or the Return on Investment (ROI) of each trade is displayed. Examine how these percentages are calculated and whether they result from the performance of several trading positions. What are the other open trades of this trader, and on which currencies do they focus? How long has this trader been active on this platform? Consider any minor details visible in their profile.

Proprietary trading

If your question is how to trade without money, undoubtedly one of the best suggestions for you would be proprietary trading. In fact, proprietary trading is a method of trading without using personal capital.

In this method, some companies and financial institutions, in order to increase their profit margins, declare readiness as a proprietary trading platform. In this case, they will enter the market transactions using the platform’s capital instead of customers’ capital. Instead of relying solely on commissions from customer transactions, they enter their own capital into the market for trading profits.

The institutions are seeking traders to efficiently utilize their capital. By entering these platforms as a trader, you can initiate trading. It is important to note that, in this case, you will not be responsible for any losses or damages. However, in the event of such incidents, depending on the platform’s rules, your account may be suspended.

On the other hand, the percentage of the profits you receive is specified by the platform from the beginning and is deposited into your account with each profitable transaction. Some of these platforms also employ traders similar to employees and pay fixed salaries.

These platforms assess the skill level of traders by providing various tests, and anyone who has the ability to pass these trading challenges receives initial capital. The stages and challenges of each proprietary trading can vary significantly and will involve key points in money management and risk in trading. To start these challenges, you need to purchase a ticket or participate in the challenge.

In the following section, we will introduce you to several reputable and successful prop trading firms for your use.



The FTMO Prop Trading platform is considered one of the most renowned forex trading platforms, offering the opportunity to allocate initial capital of up to $200,000 to traders who demonstrate the ability to overcome challenges. To engage and obtain a real account on this platform, two essential steps need to be completed, which we will examine below.

Before delving into the steps, it is noteworthy that the platform provides demo accounts with the possibility to receive $1,000 or other common currencies such as Canadian Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, and more. Traders can utilize these assets with various leverage ratios to experiment with trades in any market.

FTMO Platform Challenge Stages:

  • To participate on this platform, you must first create a user account and submit your complete information on the website.
  • The cost for entering the challenge is currently €155.
  • Upon completing the registration, challenges commence with conditions as follows: You select a chosen capital amount (e.g., $100,000) and within your preferred timeframe, you must earn 10% of the initial capital in the first stage and 5% in the subsequent stage. If you incur losses exceeding 5% of your capital in a day, the challenge concludes entirely.
  • Throughout a four-day period, you must have active trading positions, and during this time, the capital in your demo account should not decrease by more than 90%.
  • After successfully completing the first stage, you proceed to the next stage, where the profit percentage from the total account will decrease to 5%.
  • Upon successfully completing the two preceding challenges, you will transform into an FTMO site trader, and an initial capital of up to $200,000 will be awarded to you. To access this capital amount, you must maintain the conditions of the previous challenges.



The HowToTrade Platform is regarded as one of the most prominent free trading platforms to date, where there is no need to purchase tickets for participating in challenges. This platform, in addition to facilitating trading challenges for the purpose of initial capital donation, has its dedicated academy. Traders can avail themselves of these tutorials free of charge.

The primary focus of this HowToTrade platform lies in the Forex market, stocks, and various indices, presenting a 28-day program for engaging in challenges. Alongside successfully completing all the challenges, video tutorial courses will be displayed for you to focus a bit more on enhancing your performance.

To receive initial capital and become a member of the HowToTrade platform community, you must first complete its free educational courses. In essence, this site stands as one of the crucial educational platforms providing the necessary skills for navigating trading and economic challenges.



Fidelcrest Platform is another contemporary prop trading platform where participation in its challenges is entirely free, and you can even participate in consecutive challenges. Similar to other prop trading platforms we have examined, this platform has two main stages to reach a real account. In this section, we will review the main stages of Fidelcrest’s challenges, examining all the details for successfully progressing through each stage.

To participate in challenges on this site, follow the steps below:

  • You first need to establish an account on this platform.
  • After completing and opening the account, choose the amount of your initial capital for the trial trade and proceed to the first stage.
  • In the first stage, in proportion to your initial capital, you are allowed a loss of less than 5% per day and a total of 20% over a two-month period. The profit target to be achieved during this period is currently set at 10%.
  • The conditions of the second stage are similar to the first stage, and if you have the ability to achieve a profit greater than 10%, the real account granted to you will have a higher initial capital.
  • Once you successfully pass the two main stages of the challenge, you will be granted a real account up to the two million dollar threshold, where 80-90% of the profit from each trade will be entirely yours.

Similar to other prop trading platforms, if your performance improves over consecutive months, the initial capital amount will increase. If you are truly a professional trader, you will be able to accumulate initial capital and start your activities with very little or no money during this period.


The choice of how to trading without money or achieve maximum profitability with minimal money depends entirely on our own circumstances. You determine which method you want to use for income generation. Sometimes, it is possible to pursue several of these methods simultaneously. Approaches such as obtaining bonuses are easier than other options and can be easily identified.

Additionally, prop trading provides the opportunity to trade without initiating with personal capital. This approach, by offering capital through the platform, creates an opportunity to start trading without the need for your own capital. Each of these strategies has its advantages and limitations that must be carefully examined to make the right decision for initiating trading.


Have you tried any of the methods of trading without or with minimal money? 🤔 What other methods do you know for trading with limited capital? Share your experiences and questions with us in the comments 👇 and share this article with your friends so that they can benefit from this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to trade without an initial capital in the cryptocurrency market?

The possibility of trading in the digital currency market, forex, stocks, and other markets without having capital through exchange bonuses, prop forms, and other means exists.

What ways of Trading Without Money or With Minimal Money are available in the cryptocurrency market?

The most common methods for trading in the digital currency market with minimal or no capital involve the utilization of prop forms and inviting friends to receive a percentage of transactions.

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